“Olia, I am Babazongo of the House of Zaboomga, fashion designer and appointed dressmakers to the Royal family.
Princess Eziola
“Greetings, I am Princess Eziola. They say I am the most beautiful woman across the four corners of the continent but I believe a woman’s beauty comes from within."
Prince Nweze
“Good day, I am Prince Nweze, a man of few words and of great phobias—a dim wit ancestor is to blame for that.”
Princess Zara
“Olia, I am Princess Zara, the matriarch of this great family.  No silliness gets past me!  Read about how we solve the mystery of the missing Polka Dot Lamb
Princess Omalie
“Hey there, I’m a free spirit and 21st century type of girl! But how I love the richness of my heritage, the beauty of family and adventure of everyday life"
“Oow, I’m Mombasa. You could say I am the sixth sense of the crew! I sniff out danger wherever it is.”