Princess Omalie Doll – Gala Edition


Princess Omalie Doll – Gala Edition


Princess Omalie comes from a royal lineage of beautiful elegant women and embodies the kindness, confidence and excitement of young girls today.

In this Gala Edition, she is exquisitely dressed and coiffed.  The GALA Edition (GALA, our acronym for Generosity, Appreciation, Loving-kindness and Awesomeness) celebrates ACTS OF KINDNESS, big and small.

To inspire KINDNESS in young girls, Princess Omalie is giving you a FRIENDSHIP BRACELET KIT with enough beads to string two bracelets. One for you and the second for anyone who deserves it.

Omalie’s bracelet is a family heirloom. The beads are from a beaded skirt (See Doll Box inset for beaded skirt design) a parting gift and good-luck charm from her great great grandmother’s BFF. The colors of the beads that make up the bracelet are the same color as the ones in the FRIENDSHIP BRACELET KIT. The colors represent HAPPINESS, GOOD HEALTH, PEACE and STRENGTH. Read more about Princess Omalie’s rich history and adventures in her exciting book series.

A stand has been included for display.




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