Princess Omalie, The Coronation and the Polka Dot Lamb


The Adventures of Princess Omalie

Volume 1


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Princess Omalie of the African kingdom of IgboOrai could be the happiest girl on the planet — except that her family has been under a curse. Unless the curse of the Goliath beetle necklace is lifted, Omalie’s father might die in a horrible freak accident. He might never be crowned king. Omalie worries about her family, and about her own safety; how will she ever lead a peaceful happy life, have friends, and go to school? When three prophetic events herald the lifting of the curse, it seems Omalie’s life might be changing for the better. Then disaster strikes when it is discovered that the special polka dot lamb, needed to lift the curse, has gone missing. With only three days to go until the king’s coronation, time and luck are running out. Omalie, heiress to the longest dynasty and oldest monarchy in Africa, sees her future wavering in the balance. In this amusing story, Omalie and her beloved grandmother must team up to enact some outrageous and clever detective work, amazing their family in an attempt to save them from their doom…


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