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First Blog Up: 3 Ways Kindness is Cool!

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3 Ways Kindness is Cool!

Breakfast: 2 slices of bread 3 puff puff balls (dough balls)
my favorite!  gobble… gobble…

Highlight of the morning: Getting a really kind text from my friend telling me she thought
my hair looked great yesterday!

You know what, just some days ago my friend was kind by
speaking some nice words to me and I thought it was so cool.
I checked up what the word kindness means in the dictionary
and one of its meanings is to…have a friendly feeling or liking
towards someone and I can definitely say my friend had this with
me. It made me feel terrific and I went around giving other people
kindness too!! It was like a domino effect.

Being kind is so cool.

So here are the 3 doable ways to join the Kind-to-Be-Cool–Way:

1 ~ Be kind to the person no one is kind to.  So maybe at school or
like at an after school club or like the playground see if anyone
is sitting alone in the cafeteria or playing alone on the playground
and go sit or play with them.

2 ~ Be kind by saying a nice word.  I love it so much when people say nice
things about my hair or what I’m wearing. It makes me feel really
warm and positive inside! (I’ll try this one on other people loads
and loads this week!)

3 ~ Be kind to someone that might not even deserve it.  Let’s
say someone was spreading bad rumours about your friend and
then later was sorry about it, you could invite the person to sit with
you at lunch or play together at play time as a way to make up!
(oooo this one is a bit tricky but an eye for an eye never made the
world see better lol.) And we want the world filled with kindness so
put kindness everywhere as if it’s raining or snowing kindness!


How about you, how are you showing kindness to people around you?
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